Fifa and the vampires

I thought I should write something about the world cup.

The Americans don’t seem so bad at soccer, and with a little help from Robert Green they may even make it to the next round. Something they are, however, absolute masters of, is writing television drama.

Season two of True Blood has finally arrived at Killarney’s Video Spot, and am barely managing to pace myself by watching no more than four episodes in one sitting. I can’t say it is better than Mad Men, or Deadwood, or BSG, or Sopranos or Six Feet Under, (am going to stop now), but it is just… just… damn excellent. Really wonderful writing. The best line in a TV series I have heard in a long time comes from Jason Stackhouse. In the series, Jason’s sister Sookie is dating drop-dead sexy (ahem) vampire Bill Compton while Jason, after a whole bunch of craziness in the first season, decides to look for meaning, and perhaps, God. He joins a cult called the Fellowship of the Sun and during a “leadership weekend”, gets into a bit of alpha-male rivalry with a guy called Luke. One day during lunch…

Luke: One thing you can count on, God will make sure that evil gets punished!

Jason: Well then explain Europe to me!

(Look, I thought it was f…ggen funny.)

(I am trying to get into the habit of not swearing because… well, because. The reason is pathetic.)


One thought on “Fifa and the vampires

  1. Hardspear 22 June 2010 / 08:45

    Hi There!

    Like the previous two posts! If you haven’t yet, also rent the Dexter series. Deliciously Dark!

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