Heads should roll

I don’t always enjoy reading the M&G.  I would think of it as the vegetables of my newspaper diet if I did not like vegetables so much.  I guess I should just call it a dull old rag. But today it I really got a kick out of it.

My best  story: the R50-million paid to CNBC Africa by the Gauteng government. How is this different from the National Party Government funding the Citizen in 1977? Apart from investment in the province, the intention was also to secure “preferential and regular programming and content slots to the Gauteng Provincial Government.” Outrageous. Heads should roll, but of course they won’t.

(I would have added the link, but the story does not seem to be availabe online, only in the hard copy. Sorry.)


3 thoughts on “Heads should roll

  1. Hardspear 1 April 2010 / 13:19

    The M&G online is one of very few papers I actually read, but now you are going to make me buy a hard copy. On occasion I buy the Sunday Times. I cannot stand any of the Afrikaans papers in our country, nor the drivel they peddle.

  2. Betty Noire 1 April 2010 / 13:42

    Oh no! I did not mean to reduce their circulation – look – at least one knows what is going on, and one does need one’s vegetables.

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