On writing #17

I think of myself as a good writer, potentially. But then I read a sentence like:

“But the rocket engineers’ sense of how to articulate awe, how to inhabit teatime-news psychology, how to manipulate their way around geopolitical fears and ambitions, was very small indeed, which may explain why so many of them disappeared or cracked up after the public frenzy which attended their going into space.” [Andrew O’Hagan, LRB Feb 2010, pg13].

and I just wonder a little bit.


2 thoughts on “On writing #17

  1. sartres 11 March 2010 / 17:48

    You are gifted; greatly gifted.
    Write forever.

    • Betty Noire 11 March 2010 / 21:59

      Thank you. Nice to hear from you.

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