Beer and burka

Rebecca burped and apologised. I said, “oh I have unleashed a beast of some kind.” I was taking responsibility for our Kruger Park ritual tradition custom of opening a beer at 07h00 in the morning as we trawl between the camps at 30kms an hour, and frequently more slowly, looking for predators. Beer had never been Rebecca’s poison, but she took to the practise with some enthusiasm (the park being a different planet) and developed a very impressive burp in a short period of time. Now she seemed to be able to burp after imbibing anything with a bit of a fizz. We were drinking some Graeme Beck Brut.

“You have released my inner burper,” she said. “Not my burka,” she added, and then I went, “…ah…” and then I said, “…oh no, that’s a sherpa.” We laughed. It was funny. Well, maybe you had to be there.

Later we agreed that the Sharks were basically cheated out of victory against the Waratahs by the ref.


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