Oh. I understand.

I suspect this is what you say to children who insist that they have been playing with their invisible friends at the bottom of the garden. (If they say they have been playing with fairies, the response might be “oh, that is nice” before you give them a thorough beating.)

It follows then, that this is the appropriate response when a guy declares that “Arsene Wenger is GOD” (sic on the caps). The conversation on Facebook went a little like this:

Alan: on top of the world with The Arsenal!

Michael: Here we go, here we go. Please God dont let Cesc get injured or sold do Barcelona

Betty: Michael you know 1) there is no god and 2) if there was, she’d never interfere with the trading of soccer players… right?

Michael: Arsene Wenger is GOD

…to which, of course, I replied: “Oh. I understand.”

So now I know that Arsene Wenger is a French football manager who has managed Arsenal for the past 14-odd years. I know quite a few Arsenal supporters, but did not guess the religious fervour of their support for, well, a football team.

As one does, I googled pictures of Arsene and I thought they were very amusing. I can see why he be god. He really has a good face for the part.

Que diable sont-ils là-bas?

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