Hey there 2010

The year has not only started, January has already passed the ½ way mark. I look at the blog and wonder why it has been impossible for me to post something. In all other ways things flew out of the starting blocks.

Started work at The Project on the 4th.  I was alone in the office for the first week, but that was very pleasant. A full house means that five people squeeze into a room the size of a big nut. The sardine situation will be alleviated in February sometime, when the whole school moves across the road into the Braamfontein Centre where we will have at least twice the space, apparently, and many windows. I have been put in charge of buying the coffee machine. I was very excited by the idea until it transpired that “coffee machine” means microwave, kettle, cups, mugs, spoons, plates, milk jugs,  dishcloths (I am sure) knives and forks and so on. Note to self: must develop infrastructure acquisition strategy of some kind.

I registered for the 2nd half of my masters. Research report and creative writing for journalists. I got the reading back and the books and started reading last night. Note to self: revise relationship with Tom Wolfe. Although Bonfire of the Vanities was fantastic and A Man in Full a pleasure, I am Charlotte Simmons dragged a bit for me. The definitive early 60’s-new-journalism-stuff just never grabbed me. Don’t know why. Maybe it was the wrong time for me to read it – I could not relate to it at all. But whether I relate to it or not, I think I will be ploughing thought it in the next few months.

I invented my first phrase of the year. “Myrmidons of Mediocrity” are people who appear to be employed in administrative positions, but do not actually achieve anything at all. In this way, Wits is no different from the post office. Really. One day I will turn the short film I made about a man poisoning his family so that they could find post mortem employment at the post office for a monthly fee into a short story. (It has done before you know, the book does not always come before the movie.) Anyway. I think you get the idea.

So. Full steam ahead. My plants all survived my absence and, in addition, the basil seeds that I sowed before I left actually came up and are flourishing. I love that. Bolstered by this triumph I immediately sowed about 200 000 thyme seeds and a full eight teeny-weeny green sprouts are already thrusting bravely  towards the sun. It is going to be a good year, I am sure.


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