Holiday snaps #2: Achieving nothing

It is that time when the sun is down but it is still light. My mother is illegally watering her pot plants on the terrace. She stops watering to tell me that she can go to jail for doing this. Watering your plants is illegal when you use a garden hose. If she used a watering can, it would be fine. Considering the fact that my mother is the suicide bomber for water conservation (really, utterly fanatical) I feel it would be like damning her for standing in the “baskets only” queue with a trolley even if she only had five items.

The Eastern Cape is suffering its worst drought, I read the other day, in 132 years. When we landed on Friday, the pilot commiserated with holiday makers because it was raining, and hoped for their part that the weather would clear up soon. You dumb ass, I thought. Have you lost your mind? I wished that it would carry on raining (I, for one, was very happy to sacrifice a potential tan if it would only rain for days) but I had it in my head that he has jinxed the weather, and that we were about to have a month of sunny days for sure. And so it was. Irresponsible, really.


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