Holiday snaps #1: Feeling groovy

I feel as if I am on holiday, finally, because my tan is coming along nicely (that is not me in the picture – its from the www). It used to be my habit to overdo the sun thing recklessly on the first day out in my bikini (just like the picture), but this year I have managed to take things slowly.

It had to do, partly, with the fact that I did, in the end, bring work with me to the coast, and that I had to do it before settling down for some serious sunburn. It was my intention to get a tan before I travelled south, but as it rained virtually non-stop in GP in the three weeks before I did it was not possible.

After I sent the first draft of the last work I am going to do for the year (work for money, to be precise) on Sunday afternoon, I considered myself officially free to do nothing. (I expect I will do a second draft before I celebrate the new year but that is not the same as getting the first one out.)

Not that I am doing nothing. The other reason why I am still not incapacitated in a dark room covered in calamine lotion is that I am finally busy finishing the quilt my mother and I started about a hundred years ago. We sewed it together today and could see for the first time exactly what it is going to look like. Its exquisite beauty makes my heart ache. I will try and post pictures tomorrow.


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