Short and Curlies #5: Desperado

Cowgirl on the FLy

Okay. So. I am going to be honest and say that it has been at least four days, three bottles of wine and two slabs of 70% cocoa chocolate since my last to-finish estimate, and I am still not done with the Overview (sic) of 2001 and 2002. (In the meantime I have spent three very long days at the Wits Power Reporting Workshop – just in case you think I have been watching the 4th series of The Closer  by the box set.) I have found some information, and I added it to the near-empty page. Now I have to figure out how to stretch this information, which can easily be squeezed into the first paragraph of a very short news story, into 200-300 words. And to make it sound intelligent.

Once could argue that, two CI manuals later, I should be able to do this in my sleep but let me tell you – writing about nothing is never an easy task, unless you went to advertising school or work for government. There they teach you to write entire pages full of words that say absolutely zero.

And I can’t escape. The after-hours crowd at the Seattle really scares me and honestly, getting into bed at 19h00 is just too strange if one has already avoided spending the day there in its entirety. I have to sit in my flat and churn out 600 words about nothing. My last refuge is the couch and the TV. I have often found inspiration during the ad-breaks in Lipstick Jungle, and have managed to write unbelievably coherent crap in this position. Ask Giulietta – she will confirm that this is the only thing one can write on the couch in the company of etv.

When you hear from me again, this nightmare will be over, and after that I will be riding off into the sunset as soon as I have written a 4500-word essay on investigative journalism and ethics. Cheers.


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