Short and Curlies #3: Funny vs. dull

Okay. So working in coffee shops in order to escape cabin fever has more advantages than one can count on one hand. First of all, you have the opportunity to observe a specific environment over a long period of time.

(Look, for me it is impossible to write for three hours at a stretch, and as it is not possible to dance around the place and do a couple of hamstring stretches without making a spectacle of myself, my short breaks from the screen are used to stretch my eyes to the neighbouring tables and couches, and to stare unashamedly at the stuff that goes on there.)

So, you get to see how men and women are together in public, and it really is very funny. Sometimes. Sometimes it is quite dull, and then I get a lot of work done.

And this is a Short and Curly, so there will be no “second of all” for now.


One thought on “Short and Curlies #3: Funny vs. dull

  1. Isuptonogood 11 January 2010 / 15:05

    Fascinating this – I had to take seriously drastic actions last year, to try reintegrate my office, and leave coffee shops alone. I knew it was time when I asked a lady working for me for a double cappucino and a paio misto. Or maybe it was that day I started mumbling portuguese words to myself whilst doing my budget for the 34th time. Or it could be that having a case of mild hand tremor before my first coffee did sound the alarm.

    Some of my best work has been done at Vida over the years though – seattle, newport, espresso, mug & beans and more… – who needs an office when you can work in the middle of a permanent sitcom, with no script or ending?

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