Short and Curlies #1

It is a whole new challenge. It became clear that just because I cannot spend three hours spewing out witticisms and/or poison, it does not mean that I cannot write on the blog. So, until the next Friday the 13th, I am going to write for exactly five minutes, edit for two and spend three minutes posting a short piece. This might bore everybody because, unbelievably, sometimes it takes me very long to be funny. I brace myself for comments from Giulietta, who already thinks I write mostly shit on these pages.

Yesterday I was in a very bad mood all day. A spell with our clients – the ones I am writing the book for – at the now-famous News Cafe on the corners of Jean and Gerhard… well, did not help. But then I got a very funny SMS from the lovely Mandy and later, instead of slaving away and writing a quick 1000, I drank a bottle of wine with Ruth.

This morning, through the throb, the world is grey (overcast), but somehow much kinder than yesterday.

Small things.


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