Different things because I am in a hurry

1. I bought my flat in October 2005 2004 (shit, hard to believe). I moved into a work-in-progress in February 2006 2005, having broken down some walls and chucked out most of the kitchen without being able to replace it, er, at the time, or, er, since. (It was very ugly – it had to go.) Tonight, for the first time, I had a cup of tea with my neighbour who lives in number 22, across from the lifts, as you arrive, on the 2nd floor. She is fantastic, but talks the fucking hind leg off a donkey. Even so, it is rare for me to be happy to meet new people, and I really like her. I think I will indeed go out for Chinese food with her. She does not drink, but I do, so she can drive. Groovy.

Her guy is a confirmed Buddhist and fan of the Dalai Lama, so he eschews all things Chinese, including the Chinese (in this country… I ask you!) so he won’t be coming along. Kay and I share a great love of food.

2. If anybody has an old(er) car, especially German/other European (but not Ferrari), and needs a mechanic, go and see Walter at Euro Mech in Wynberg. He has been my mechanic since this year and he is fantastic too. He is not easily moved to mirth, but I got him, in the end. We were talking about buying new second hand cars, and at the bottom of the list was the Mercedes C230 Kompressor, which, as Walter pointed out, was the most expensive of the lot. “But surely,” I suggested, “one could negotiate a good discount, seeing that it only has two doors?” Walter found that very entertaining, and guffawed heartily, in spite of him being German. “Gotcha!” my voice whispered in my head. I do find evidence of my own charm quite pleasing. It balances the (not necessarily untrue) accusations of being an anti-social curmudgeon. “Ja,” Walter spluttered, “und usually zey charge you MORE!” (My German text-accent needs vork, I know, but I don’t know what letters to use for the creamy edges on the “r’s”.)

3. My, but it’s cold. Again. Fuckit.

4. Have lots of wage-earning work at the moment, so I now have to do more work or go to sleep, so that I can do more work early in the morning.

(No, really, about Walter, he is fully Vorsprung durch Technik. A very nice man said that about his wife on the weekend: she was on holiday in Germany with the kids (three, instead of the one he planned) and I think he missed her. She is particularly lovely.)

5. Generally life is good.


One thought on “Different things because I am in a hurry

  1. Ramesh 16 August 2009 / 06:26

    East meets West —

    I was invited to your noire epithet. Is this how you telecast the movies?It is lined up groceries in the store.

    Keep it up- Funny woyah

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