Rainy days and Mondays

I might be pushing it a little with the song-title month thing… I mean… the Carpenters? There are many songs with Monday in the title, but today was… well it wasn’t really “Blue Monday”, and it’s not that “I don’t like Mondays” and I did not “fall in love on Monday” so they did not really seem to fit. “Monday Monday” would have been the other great choice, but it came second. I am sticking to my guns, for two reasons. Firstly, I think Carol Karen Carpenter really had the most astonishing voice. Secondly, although they might have depressed her a little, rainy days are almost without fail my best days. (I think she was probably just hungry.)

Mondays, on the other hand, I always find a little surprising. Especially when they are additional public holidays. We have so many of these, we should be grateful if one falls on a Sunday – there we go, government and industry should chuckle, two-birds-in-the-hand-type-situation. On the other hand, we get another day without peak-hour traffic; I suppose that is something to be happy about.

Still, it is no secret that I am struggling to keep track of time, it so whizzes past, and packing it in on a Monday evening when the whole day felt like Sunday-at-work feels particularly cruel. Now there is something that always gets me down. I think Women’s Day is old. I think there should be no public holidays, other than 27 April, but by law,  in addition to your annual leave, you can take ANY five days off during the year. (For folk that have such a thing as annual leave, or can not work for entire days and actually get paid for them.) That way people can choose to celebrate Christmas OR Yom Kippur OR Ramadan, Youth Day OR Women’s Day OR Worker’s Day and the whole thing will make not only economic sense, but also be a lot more democratic.

Just a thought. Use it, don’t use it…


4 thoughts on “Rainy days and Mondays

  1. Hardspear 11 August 2009 / 08:48

    I don’t quite agree. Maybe have bank holidays like in the UK. There is no specific connection to the day, other than being a public holiday. I for one only celebrate Christmas and Easter. For all the rest, such as Heritage day, I give no thought what so ever to the significance of the day, only that I am glad that it is a public holiday. I do realise however that many people DO celebrate these type of holidays.

    ps: I do celebrate Braai Day. (I see they have changed it to Braai for Heritage Day now.)

  2. sartres 11 August 2009 / 22:55

    ’twas Karen; not Carol.

    • Betty Noire 12 August 2009 / 11:28

      Thank you – have fixed it.

  3. Spear The Almighty 12 August 2009 / 11:13

    I’ll pay good money to have a rainy day. Unfortunately I live in the bloody desert. I miss the rain the most.

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