No time, so

I have not had so much work in a single week since pa fell off the bus, so I have no time to write. I don’t have time to entertain even one of the large number of men who keep on SMSing me to find out if I am at home; and I usually can find time to make a cup of coffee for at least one before I send him home, or back to work. So I just say have to say no. They should make a date anyway, way in advance, because I am too busy for frivolous tete-a-tete. (I think that is how you write it.)

I do have time, however, to add this to the blog, seeing how fantastic it is.  (Thanks Jules.)


2 thoughts on “No time, so

  1. Boris 6 August 2009 / 13:46

    Hah! It was only a matter of time until you were discovered and became high-demand stock! Glad to hear you are busy like a bee. Take Care B

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