You say you want a revolution

July was not Hayibo’s finest month, unfortunately, but they did write a vaguely amusing and completely necessary piece about the municipal workers having to pick up the rubbish they spread about the street when they go back to work the next day.

I have thought on more than one occasion that the party union should really have some effective disciplinary measures in place for the comrades striking municipal workers who just ignore the marshals’ hoarse reminders of the rules around not making more work for themselves in the morning. Like, a fine, for example. As Hayibo pointed out, these very messy affairs usually achieve an effective monthly salary increase of about R100, so if marchers actually had to pay for any damage they cause going down the road, they might not be so casual about mass destruction of property.

And the union itself should be fined. If they cannot discipline their members, and the members incur costs on behalf of the union (one could argue) then the union must pay. And I would imagine that such payment would come from the contributions made by its members. So again….

(The problem with our democracy, on all levels, I think, is the alarming lack on consequence as a result of any contravention of the law. Where does accountability start? Apparently not with Julius Malema, who has been quiet this week. Which must mean that he has not yet apologised to Sonke Gender Justice.)

I did a “what kind of communist are you” quiz on Facebook this morning and according to that, I am a “Trotskyist” (sic).  Complete crap, of course, as I do not believe in a dictatorship of the proletariat. (SA in particular; see above.) In fact, I fail to see how the idea of such a dictatorship developed in spite of Marx’s belief that the peasants were a sack of potatoes, and incapable of organising themselves. This MUST have been a bit of a stretch, even for the man himself. I think the quiz was designed by counter-revolutionary forces who want to discredit white single women.

I do believe in a permanent revolution, however, specifically in the areas of single womanhood and language. Language, particularly, is a site of struggle. Maybe it is time to rename the blog.

And that is all for Saturday morning, I am now going to bake a cake.


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