Shit shit shit


Okay. It’s Tuesday night, and I am not much further with the guidelines. I have just thought of an alternative approach. Instead of trying to write the perfect answer to the question “what is a corporate identity?” (I managed it, last time. Why can’t I do it again? When did my brain decide to take a break… or worse, a holiday? My currently meagre problem-solving skills have been noted in other areas, so I am very concerned.) I am going to write the other stuff first, and then come back to it. I am going to treat it like a nightmarish exam.

It would appear that Something about it has made me misplace my mind. As Ruth said, “do you think you only had one CI manual in you?” And we laughed, but my laugh was kind-of hollow. I suspect it is Much Worse than only having one book in you.

I should have thought about this… f… days ago. I could have sent them an invoice by now. Shit shit shit.


One thought on “Shit shit shit

  1. sartres 22 July 2009 / 22:51

    Corporate is as Corporate does.
    You have the proverbial myriad of CI expressive, definitive explosions within your grasp. Think not that you stumble; or stutter; for your ability to unearth the slant that sets the pattern in play will know reward in your energy and ability to lay it on. In style. For that becomes you.

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