On writing #9: Saturday

Sometimes a day starts well and ends badly. This may not even  have anything to do with the thrashing we got in the rugby this afternoon.  You know the saying… one day we will laugh about this? I don’t believe that is necessarily true.  Sometimes, for a bewildering and astonishing minute, a day simply takes one by surprise by taking a turn for the worse and by the time one gets home, it’s too late to handle a situation with  greater humour. Which is the great disappointment, always. The moment in which one loses one’s sense of humour is always an embarassing one.

So, when the day  ends in the crapper, and I am in an I-am-never-gonna-laugh-about-this mood, it does not matter how long I stare at the blog, looking for solace (there is funny stuff here, you know, and records of good experiences), nor how many snippets I read for inspiration. Nothing comes to me. I turned to the gaping void ©, and even though some of the cartoons made me laugh out loud, nothing moved me to write. I did post a cartoon, and that was kind of fun to stare at for a bit, but then, again… nothing.

Writing about writing is not always a solution to a bit of writer’s block, but it is always worth giving it a go. Often, it does not work.

(Maybe I am having newspaper withdrawal. It’s such a great way to get out more.)

I had stuff to say, earlier on. Thanks Fil for a great trip around the Magaliesberg on the bike this morning. It’s just around the corner really, it very beautiful, and there is actually much more of it than one thinks.

And thanks to Rosemildo Sales Furtado for saying nice things about my blog. (Unlike Giuliana, of course, who again pointed out that she thinks I write a load of crap “wanneer jy gesuip is”. She pretended to be a bit tense because I wrote that Ruth was one of the few people I would go and fetch at the airport. I will fetch you, I said, have you ever asked me to fetch you at the airport? Of course she hasn’t. She was just trying to give me a hard time.) Rosemildo, I am investigating the Google translator, but am a struggling technopeasant, so this might not happen soon.

And Mandolin and I went to see The Burning Plain last night, and I liked it very much. Sometimes it feels a bit long, but he knows how to tell a story, Guillermo Arriaga.

See… stuff like that. Instead I slipped in and out of a back-to-back screening of the two worst Batman performances ever (Val Kilmer and George Clooney have done such great work on other projects, but they were just never the Bat, man.) and stared at the blog, hoping that writing was going to make things better. Hmm (thinks) maybe it did.

I have not stepped off the Happiness Train, you must understand. This is most likely just a bit of a tunnel, and that will happen. I think, even now, I see a bit of light at the end.


One thought on “On writing #9: Saturday

  1. Boris 8 July 2009 / 08:41

    Giuliana needs to understand blogging. You write a great blog and I love to read it. SO there.

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