On writing # 8: Writing that makes you want to kill yourself. Or drink a lot.

“To coin a cliché” is also a cliché.

Just a thought. I am writing the copy for the Corporate Identity Guidelines of a large minerals-and-mining company, and if I have to conjure up yet another way of saying, “speaks to the values of the brand” I am going out for a bottle of whisky. Fortunately the end is in sight. Most of the weekend has been spent in the service of Satan. I guess he pays. At forty one, I have no qualms in selling my soul for money, as selling it for various versions of love or meaning, so far, has proved a very bad long-term investment, every time.

The results of this transaction are also much cheerier than the alternative. (Unless of course one is making drama for the SABC, when one frequently finds oneself screaming at imaginary people, first thing in the morning, in the bath. But back to me, in the present.)

Considering that I am relentless in my current pursuit of happiness (I am taking happiness vitamins. They say Vitamin D3 is a cure for SAD) I have taken a little break to write something that I have not already written in other words. This was it.

And now I have to get back there. I feel much better now.


11 thoughts on “On writing # 8: Writing that makes you want to kill yourself. Or drink a lot.

  1. Extranjera 29 June 2009 / 15:23

    Never overestimate the healing power of whisky.
    That’s all I have for now.

  2. Extranjera 29 June 2009 / 15:26

    Glad I’m back, since I meant to ‘type here’ UNDERestimate.
    WTF?!? Is my subconscious worried about our drinking? She could just come out and say so, instead of making me write stupid things.

    • Betty Noire 29 June 2009 / 19:56

      I must say, I was a little taken aback by the first version. Really – I count on the fact that if anybody understands how important it is not to waver when faced with the decision to go with the pain, or to go with the whiskey, it would be you. (hi-five?)

  3. Extranjera 29 June 2009 / 23:31

    Yup. Whisky is still mostly what I’ve got (it’s been a poor and alcoholic day), so high five it is in the best let’s remember the good times an not think of him molesting children, 80s manner.

  4. filblanc 30 June 2009 / 17:26

    The all thing sounds very “noir” to me my dear Betty. Maybe I should pick you up someday on my motorbike for a ride straight to the horizon? Although not very comfy, this is a better option than Whiskey, and much healthier! x

    • Betty Noire 30 June 2009 / 21:26

      Fil, you know, sometimes I wonder if you are really French. You have promised me a ride on the bike before, and that come to naught. And now you are suggesting something healthier than alcohol. I have my suspicions. We really should talk.

  5. filblanc 30 June 2009 / 23:46

    Since your avatar happens to be a helmet (and not a dung beetle as I thought it was), and as I am a man of my word, my dear Betty start looking for these long johns and leathers (and maybe cushion?) as I am picking you up this WE for a ride on my motorcycle. I have to eliminate your suspicions at once and show you what a Frog is made of! My honour is at stake! x

    • Betty Noire 1 July 2009 / 00:05

      Cool. I have Saturday morning open.

  6. filblanc 1 July 2009 / 11:20

    We have a deal. Saturday 10:00 am I will be in front of your building. You will recognize me, the guy with the funny pink 50cc moped trying to do some wheelies… Shall I bring an extra helmet or will you be wearing your dung beetle?

    • Betty Noire 1 July 2009 / 14:53

      Bring helmet. That dung beetle hangs in Hanoi, the city of 7.5 million people and 7 million motorbikes.

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