More numbers: I don’t know if…

…saying, “I am so tired that my eyeballs want to fall out” is absolutely the best expression ever describing the greatest exhaustion one could possibly feel.  I wish it was.

I once serviced a Polish GSM commercial in Cape Town, and ninety rolls of black and white film stock arrived fogged because the Polish DOP put them through the x-ray machine at Heathrow. I am too tired to tell the whole story, but it was hell, and for two weeks I never had more than three hours sleep, or one meal a day. I must have been at least this tired then. Although… I WAS still smoking then, and smoking, as everybody knows, is just the same as food and sleep.  Tired? Have a cigarette. Hungry? Have a cigarette. I was a lot thinner then, but also quite smelly, as I subsequently discovered. I now look at regular smokers and I find them quite grubby, especially the guys. They have to be VERY young for me to even consider… But I digress.

I had a sleepless night in my niece’s bed last night (traditional family slumber-party-before-weekend-of-hunting AKA FSP)… the fourth one in eight.  The numbers don’t lie, as we know, no wonder I am so worn-out. They drove off to the farm at 7am and I came home to work. This evening the thought of reading the papers was very tiring, so I did not buy them. The last one I looked at was the Mail and Guardian on Friday, but the story about the SADTU strike depressed me so I did not actually read it. 

Anyway. I thought I would post a clip, I got lots from my step-brother-in-law during FSP. It’s fantastic. It also cheered Ruth up.


3 thoughts on “More numbers: I don’t know if…

  1. filblanc 18 June 2009 / 12:35

    Dear Betty, I must thank you for the laugh I had while watching the Irak interview XXX

    • Betty Noire 18 June 2009 / 13:43

      Ah Fil! I thought you were referrring to my general delight with the French language.

  2. filblanc 19 June 2009 / 18:58

    Non non! j’adore t’entendre faire des compliments sur le Français. X

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