Quick update, and things that go bump in the early morning hours

Some might have noticed that I found the Obama video sans the sarky comments from middle America, and I posted it. Funny thing was (and really only funny because it is one-in-the-morning, I am only halfway done with my essay, I am already 1000 words over my top-end limit and I have not even TOUCHED the ‘visibility’ thing yet… you know what I mean?) that when I found it, it had an odd caption on the bottom this time. It said, “Is Jesus God?” And then up popped a link to a website where one could follow this debate if it were not one-in-the-morning and one was not otherwise engaged.

It took me a little time to weigh “Obama is an asshole” against “Is Jesus God?” Really. I had to think about it, and my brain has been working very hard, so it took longer than usual. In the end I gambled on God, and, sure enough, once I re-posted the clip the pop-up thingie disappeared. But I thought I should share that little one-in-the-morning story.

I am going back to ‘visibility’ now.

(Nothing really goes bump at this time of the morning in Killarney on a Thursday.)

Oh yes. If you go to the Seattle/Vida/Lulu and you order an Obama, what are you asking for? A black Americano. (Well, I think it is funny, and not only at one-in-the-morning.)


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