Friday night

Do you ever have so many thoughts in your head that they would take hours to write down, and are you ever so wild with ideas… the kind that should be shared, immediately… when you are completely pissed?

 (Apologies to my parents, in case they read this, but you know, I live on a different planet from you, and just because we acknowledge that, it does not mean that I am not your daughter and do not require financial help from time to time. It also does not mean that I am an alcoholic that needs professional medical help immediately. Sometimes an adult woman just has to drink a little more wine.)

And then, suddenly, the world, to some extent, is clarified, and becomes more meaningful.

For example:

You go back to your old blog, and discover that your blog peers were all morons.

OK. Maybe not ALL of them. Except Dex. And you know, the earlier ones. Maryjane, JT, Andreas, Mandy, Dusty, Dolce, Mica, DS, Ramon and some others. Beyond that, teenagers, all of them. And amazingly dull.

Back to er, earlier on. I had a long chat with Lee at B&P’s house tonight. It was about Gran Torino. Earlier in the evening I was astonished to discover that most of my peers (actual people that I know)  thought it was a BRILLIANT movie. One of the rock stars (look, it really is impossible to look great AND be smart ALL of the time) actually said “Gran Torino was better than Fargo”. I rest my case. She might look fantastic, but she also believes that Cosatu has 16 (revised to eight) million signed-up-paid-up members, and that “The Working Class” might actually win “The Next Election”. Darling, you know I love you, but this is just ridiculous.

But to get back to Lee in the kitchen. She argued that “nobody raised the flag anymore”. Whatever. It is too exhausting, right now, to explain. The implication that Gran  Torino’s accolades were OK because “that is the trend” (Lee is a commercial director, just for reference) and that we have no business to question a movie simply because, within a broad framework, it was following “trends” (no idea) and “attempted to make money”,  were just shocking to me. I thought I was in the company of my peers. Instead I found men who wanted to play the music too loudly for conversation, and women  who defended sexual and racial stereotypes and were not prepared to enter into a debate on it.

Even just a debate would have been fun. I have nothing against movies making money. I have watched  Die Hards, X-men’s, Chic Flics, Westerns, Horrors and Skop-skiet-en-donner movies with great realish. I love Tarantino. I think Michael Mann is often a genius. De Palma. But I think when  a movie pretends to be meaningful social commentary, and ends up doing nothing but perpetuate cliches, that that should be rejected as fraud.

Tomorrow I will be in the bush with my books. I cannot wait for the space, and the quiet.


3 thoughts on “Friday night

  1. sartres 6 June 2009 / 13:46

    Yes! Beautiful commentary. Clint shoulda quit when he thought he was ahead.Maybe he still believes that he is. Ahead.
    May the bush envelop you.

    • Betty Noire 8 June 2009 / 19:17

      The bush was fantastic.

  2. hardspear 8 June 2009 / 09:54

    Yes, sometimes I think I should get pissed just before writing a blog post. Agree that movies should not pretend what it is not. If it is made for entertainment value, it should do just that and people will enjoy it as such. Watched Ultraviolet the weekend. The movie was all imagery and Milla Jovovich. It did not to pretend to be about anything else, and I enjoyed the imagery and Milla Jovovich very much.

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