Blue Monday

Although it is interesting to read that there is a city called Natal on the coast of Brazil, it does not calm one’s nerves about the fact that an Air France Airbus 330 carrying 228 passengers and crew disappeared from the radar in its vicinity at about 2.30 this morning. (I tried to work that out from GMT – it was 0130 GMT… are we GMT+1 or +2?).

Anyway. It should have landed in Paris about noon today. One report quotes an official who “refuses to speculate”, apart from mentioning that at the time of said report, the aircraft would have run out of fuel.

Absurdly I keep on thinking that Monday morning is such a ridiculous time for such great tragedy. The first day of the week, people are mostly rested; maybe they spent time with their families and friends on the weekend. Maybe they drank happily to those who were absent but flying back from Rio that evening. Perhaps they spoke to these family members or friends on the phone, just before they got on AF flight 447, and made arrangements to pick them up at the airport. And then this morning, some people went back to work, maybe some decided to have late breakfast, seeing that they had an airport run to do.

And then from nowhere, for no good or bad reason, for no political cause or outcome, as the result of no natural disaster, it seems that 228 people are most likely dead. The plane hit turbulence, apparently (and then crashed into the sea, one would have reason to believe).

So now what? Apparently an area has been set aside at Charles de Gaulle for the families and friends of the people who were on the flight. There they will congregate, and cry, and anticipate confirmation that 228 people are dead, I think. Do we think that they hope for a miracle? Do they pray? Would this be an example of what insurance contracts describe as ‘acts of God’? (Then again, do we believe the suicide bombing in Baghdad this morning which killed a seven year-old child was an “act of God?)

But back to Paris. How absolutely devastating, not knowing, and waiting for what can only be terrible news.

What a crap way to start the week.


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