And the whisky goes to…

So there were, in the end, some late entries into the Meaning of Liff competition…

 Pete Smith offered:

“Dot woke up duntish after climply accepting Pete’s suggestive overtures the night before as she was clearly weakened by a consultation that day with her accountant that left her swanibost.”

And then there was the very interesting:

 “I drink only on special occasions, well maybe just the one, a little pick-me-up – was my climpy response to her invitation and smile, and –  I’m swanibost, limp, shaky, but up for a refund as big as a jaunt to Nepal, early celebration, champagne, let’s drink and snort, become bright tonight and duntish tomorrow.”

(Bad Bad)

 To compare, the earlier entries were:

“Owing to the overdose of paracetamol the stultifying duntish haze accompanied by the brutally debilitating headache my mind have been swathed in since I woke up this morning gradually starts dwindling at about four o’ clock, only to be substituted with a all pervasive swanibost fatigue as David, my accountant’s, deadly tedious voice drones on and on, my only respite being trying not to smile at the bashfully climpy responses I’m getting in reply to the capricious and lascivious sms’s I’ve clandestinely been sending my superbly charming wife for the past half an hour.”


 And Giuliana’s very witty (and, turns out, prophetic)…

“Given the current crop of politicians we can expect a few climpy individuals in the new Cabinet but there will also be others where the public could rightfully ask whether the President was duntish or swanibost at the time he made those appointments.”

There is no doubt that Hardspear is unsurpassed in the “length” criterion. Also, as I mentioned last time, he showed a particular and passionate partiality to the maligned adjective, as we have discussed. Gules has the edge on the others with a wonderfully contemporary and original angle, which moved away from “climpy’s” solely sexual innuendo potential.

Pete, unfortunately turned climpy into “climply” and hence, into an adverb, and lost points as a result.

Lastly, there was a certain exuberance about Bad Bad’s entry that I found absolutely charming.

Not that I can decide on a winner. I was quite sure it was Hardspear, and then, quite sure it was Bad Bad. But now, looking again at Gules’ entry, I think it might be her.

I don’t know. I will have to think about it some more. And I am going to have to consult. Please feel free to offer advice and give input.


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