Oh. I get SO ANGRY.

Monday night. 10pm. E-TV news.

Did Mokotedi Mphse just say in a press conference, motivating against the legalisation of prostitution, something about “carriers” and “our morals”? I can hardly type with rage. If I thought of him as a spineless myrmidon before, I think I have perhaps been too kind.

Does he think that LEGISLATION governs the morals of men? Because it really is the morals of men that are in questions here. Even the morals of police-men, according to the article in the Mail and Guardian last Friday.

The sight of him in his suit, behind  a suitably varnished podium, moralising, smug, passing judgements on women, when men really are the ones that roll past girls in short skirts in Oxford road at night, and stop, and pay for their services… when will MEN stop governing the bodies of women, and when will they see sense, and the fact that legislation could not only guarantee the safety of these women, trying to make a living, but at the same time eliminate the collateral and horrifying incidental crime that surrounds prostitution.

And more than this… who are the carriers of HIV in this country? Prostitutes? No. The greatest current rate-of-infection  increase is found in white men over the age of 40.

Mpshe is a fool. And evil. If I believed in hell, the least I would hope was for him to burn in it.

I don’t know why I get so angry. It doesn’t help.


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