Well, I think it’s funny…


… but then again,  it is quite possible that I do not even BEGIN to understand exactly who from the ANC pocketed how much from the deal.  I was assured this morning in the Chef, while reading the Business Day front page and waiting for my cappuccino-to-go, that some people in the government made scads of cash again, but the guy (rooibos tea-drinker, not sure if I can believe him) did not name names. Kgalema signed more than the extension of a couple of service contracts during his brief term of keeping the presidential seat warm, and I can hardly wait to find out if any of it was scandalous enough for the Independent to have to apologise for in about a month from now.

Ah! I said to him. Somebody should write that story. It will be a wonderful relief from Zillemania.


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