I think that the Onion (see also the report on how the government is not spying on schizophrenics enough) made this one just for me.

Except of course that I would not spend my whole goddamn fucking night trying to figure out how the piece of shit actually works. I am much more likely to spend HOURS trying to figure out how to post video on my goddamn fucking blog instead. For the moment a link will have to do.

Later we can talk about how fucking techno-uber-geeks do not even begin to understand that they actually speak a different language: it is easy for them to go, amongst themselves… that ‘code is poetry’… but to some of us it is only code.  And completey fucking frustrating to figure out. (Those of us that can, eventually.)

(I love the way that “fuck” alliterates fabulously with almost fucking anything. It is also code of sorts. I love that too.)


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